About us

About us

Flexello Team

FLEXELLO S.R.L. is a company coordinated by a young, dynamic and flexible team with the goal of meeting your needs and requirements professionally, offering you a wide range of thermoreactive and thermosetting resins produced by ELANTAS Europe, a member of the ALTANA international group.

FLEXELLO S.R.L. distributes and produces high-end resins for the electronics industry, approved by the most prestigious independent institutes, for high, medium and low voltage applications. The product range includes hot and cold-hardened epoxy resins, polyurethane, polybutadiene and silicone resins having a wide range of mechanical, thermo-mechanical, dielectric and flame-retarding characteristics. The products comply with the UL VO, V1 and HB standards and UL component certificates - System Components, Electrical Insulation.

Our offer also includes fast-setting structural adhesives designed especially for various applications in the assembly of metal, plastic and composite materials, high durability heat resisting adhesives for electronics applications.
Transparency of production batches to products is 5 years.

Technical advice is provided on choosing and using products with manufacturer assistance.
We deliver anywhere in the country.

Our range of products includes hot and cold cured epoxy resins, polyurethane and silicone resins.


Str. Aristide Demetriade nr. 1/3, 300088 Timisoara


0372 72 94 92